Monday, January 19, 2009

The Posty-Note Way of Life

OK, it's like three weeks into the new year and I'm still working on the good intentions thing. Actually, my system has worked well at work, where I have made a list of what I want to accomplish each week. I am saving the crossed-off lists because it makes me feel good. For one brief shining moment, there was: a done to-do list.

I realized that I had expressed some serious intentions, but then I sort of forgot about them. I had things to do, you know? So now, I know that I need to express the intention AND keep it up front. Not in my mind... there is no room there. Lists work at work, where I have a desk and a calendar. For my home/self/others intentions, I need... TA DA: Posty Notes!

I love Posty-Notes. They are small, so the list can't be too long. They are mobile, so you can stick one in the car (for instance) that says "stop by the post office." They are multi-colored, so they look pretty.

The trick (or one of them) is to throw away a done Posty. There is nothing worse than finding an undated Posty that says: "call Ted." Who is Ted and why was I supposed to call him? So now, I either file them or throw them away.

So these are my intentions for this week:
1) Eat mindfully. Remember Annie's Angel Way and eat protein (white) and a rainbow (or two) a day.
2) Pass it. Remember that I am not responsible for the whole world. It is not a sin or sign of weakness to say, "That is not my problem, that is not for me to solve."
3) Express love and appreciation. Always.
4) Walk. Walk. Walk.

I will put these on Posty Notes so that I will think of them through out the day. My family will ridicule me, but I'm used to that. They do it with love.


Lynette said...

Thanks for the sunshine and hugs!

I use to put scripture on my closet doors to affirm how much I am loved, cared for and special. I put a new one each day. And told myself I was not allowed to get dressed til I read all that was posted. By the time I hit 50 of these I was sure that I am special and perfect just the way I am. My heart is good and appreciated.

So yes go postie note crazy!

Yaya said...

I love post its! And I love lists!

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Love #3!