Friday, November 4, 2011

Blogblast4Peace: November 4, 2011

For the past few months I've (sort of) joined the count-down to the blogblast for peace.  Even when I didn't write or post, I read and thought about peace.

  • I've thought about the Peace of God that passes all understanding.
  • I've thought about the peace and quiet that comes from hiding in bed in the dark eating bread and cheese.
  • I've thought of the peaceful feeling that comes from walking with my darlings in the swampy woods.
  • I've thought of peace and justice; peace and praise; peace and quiet.

I've thought about why we need to blog for peace.

I've blogged for peace because of the wars that have taken my family and friends away from their families and friends.  Because of the wars that cause children to grow up believing a bomb shelter is just another room in the house.  Because of the wars that poison our world and our lives, that take food from the hungry and warmth from our hearts.

I've blogged for peace because of the war on drugs; because of the war on poverty that has become a war on the poor; because of the war on our freedoms that disguises itself as a war for safety & security.

I've heard that there has always been war and injustice and there always will be.  And although that made me sad, it helped me realize something important.

We blog for peace as if war is a crisis.  Something different that is happening right now (not yesterday... not tomorrow) and must be addressed immediately but only for today ... something to which we must react.

But war and violence in all of its manifestations are not crises.  They are chronic.  And as such, Peace must be addressed as a chronic issue.

Yes, we need to blog for peace.  We need to march and wave flags for peace.  We need to stand up for peace.

And most of all, we need to live Peace.  Every day, as much as we can.  Peace to grumpy neighbor, peace to the harried mother, peace to the sad businessmen who've misplaced their souls.

Peace, even to those of you who really irritate me.  Just for today.

And because this is a world wide blogblast4peace, please check out/check in with the founder and center of this movement.