Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where have you been?

It has been almost two years since I have posted.  I'm not even sure this thing works anymore.  I know I need to revise my "favorite blog" list.

Facebook has taken the place of blogging for me.  Well, that and stuff.  I read my friends' posts, like cute kitty pictures, share inspirational pictures, LOVE pictures of their kids and pets.  I know more about my own family because of Facebook.  I am friends with an amazing first cousin I haven't seen in forty years, probably.  I see her children, I am awed by her wit and insight.  I think about how she and my other cousins and second cousins and even more distant cousins are so much like me in many ways.  Different in other ways (like, no, I'm not going to hobble a half-marathon).  It's really cool.

For a marginal introvert-low conflict person like me, it's heaven.  I can socialize and comment and even stir up controversy.  I can ignore people without hurting their feelings.  I can make people laugh.  I can piss people off.  It's really fun.  And the best part.  I can walk away.

And then walk back again, which is what I might be doing here, with this blog.

These are some things I'm thinking about.  

Ethics, morality, and social conventions.  Mostly in tax preparation, since that's what I do, but also in every day life.

Business and religion.  I'm looking for internal consistency here, like in a good fantasy/sci-fi novel.  But my own belief is that I must be a practicing Christian in all parts of my life.  That means I can't love my neighbor and screw my clients or employees.  (Figuratively.  Gross.)

My religion and marriage.  I am an Episcopalian.  This is a fairly recent discovery on my part, but it was pretty cool when I found out other people thought like I do.  It can't be easy, though, and there are Episcopalians who think like me on some things but not others.  And marriage is pretty important to me.  I'd like to explore marriage in Christianity, and in the Episcopal church in particular.  After all, the founding of the church was precipitated by a dispute about marriage, or lack thereof.  I'm not entirely sure marriage is an issue of morality at all.  I think it's social convention.  Love, respect, protection --- those are moral issues.

So let's see.