Friday, January 30, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

This is something from Thrifty & Chic Mom. She encourages folks to focus on something(s) to accomplish in the next week, then check back in with her on Friday. Pretty cool, sort of like a weight watchers weigh-in, only, it is to be hoped, less humiliating.

I heard about it through Yaya, who also has a cool blog.

This fits in with my whole intentions (paving a three lane highway to my own personal Hell right now), posty notes and plans. So here I go.

At work, I've been making a list of what I wish to accomplish each week. This is supplemented by the tax returns, client crises, and daily research projects my boss likes to give me. It has worked so well that I've kept each week's to-do list so I can see what I have really gotten done.

At home, it's posty notes and letters on the fridge. Not quite as successful, but that is probably because I am at work 50+ hours a week and at home... not so much. Maybe I should put the posty notes on my pillow.

OK: THIS is what I need to do at home this week:

  1. Sort papers, especially the health/insurance papers.
  2. Complete Ellen's bookkeeping
  3. Either find someone to fix the stovetop or buy a new oven.

Did you know that the glass top of a stove will shatter if you drop a pan on it? And did you know that it costs almost as much to fix it as it would to buy a (cheaper) range? And did you know that some repair people won't work on Frigidaire?

Now, I'll write my list on posty notes and get to it.

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Yaya said...

Yup, i worked for ppl who broke the stove top like that and it took FOREVER to get it replaced.
Good luck!