Monday, March 2, 2009

No Snow

I should buy a lottery ticket. There was a 90% chance of snow and we got the 10%. Not even powdered sugar on the lawn. There is some ice in the driveway, but even I wouldn't slip on it. Although the public schools are closed and Bob's work is delayed until 10, it looks like I am going to work. I won't go in early, though. It's too cold. For me, at least.

Mark will have to make up this day during spring break. I guess we'll send him over to his cousin's house today. They can do whatever children do when they have the day off. In their case, it may be write a book or research a compost box (which I've been asking them to do.) They may, on the other hand, watch the Disney channel and look up "cheats" for their games on line.

Me, I'll be doing payroll, bookkeeping, corporate taxes while answering the phone, filing, reassuring clients who don't want to pay taxes, answering "one quick question" on the phones, tracking returns, helping other people in the office, and explaining to my boss why I am not "generating revenue."

A snow day wouldn't have helped my workload, but it sure would have helped my attitude.

Oh well. Get to work.

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