Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday slipped by me

Oh look... it's Sunday.

I mentioned to my boss that I'd put in 50 hours in the past week. He said, "So you should have generated $2500 in revenue." I told him that I'd spent a lot of time on the phone, helping other tax preparers, and chatting with clients. I suggested that he should fire me and hire someone who was more efficient. He rolled his eyes.

I am probably not leaving the house today. I have missed church. I am dressed, but only because my pajamas are in the laundry. I have three books: A lion among men by Gregory Maguire (Wicked), A Mote in God's Eye & The Inferno Two: Escape from Hell both by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

I am celebrating my new broadband by dropping in on all sorts of pretty blogs and playing "Pirates" on Facebook.

Oh yes: the two men who Time-Warner Cable sent to install our cable this time were great. Professional, efficient, fairly quiet (except for the drilling, which is to be expected.) They were subcontractors with Knight Enterprises. Since I trashed the other guy (and I don't know what his subcontracting firm was), I think I should be fair and say that this was a much better experience. I wonder if I can request Knight Enterprises any time I have trouble with TWC?

To attempt a Focus Friday, on Sunday:

  • Today I am going to do my sister's bookkeeping and tax return.
  • I watered the plants, and I think the repotting can wait.
  • I really want to start some seeds, but I'm not going to push it.
  • I'm going to hug my husband, my sons, my daughter-in-law, and my grandchildren.
Have a great week!


Lynette said...

you have been one busy lady
i dont know how you do it all
well i can understand that you are so tired that you can not tell what the guessing game is on my blog.

kathy you have #3 right. It is a quilt. Nope on all the rest. Sorry

Yaya said...

I have tons of repotting to do once spring finally comes!