Friday, February 6, 2009

Focus Friday Part deux: Revenge of the big plans

Focus Friday

OK: This is what I said I would do:
  • Sort papers, especially the health/insurance papers.
  • Complete Ellen's bookkeeping
  • Either find someone to fix the stove top or buy a new oven.

This is what I did:

  • I mostly sorted the papers, but didn't do what I needed with the insurance stuff.
  • I did important bookkeeping like W-2s... but crap, I think I forgot to write a payroll check. People get touchy about that stuff...
  • Bob & I searched high and Lowe's and found a great stove. It's glass top, but this time the top is sort of grey so it will be easier to clean. The oven heating element is under a plate so that when stuff spills it won't burn on the the element. I am pretty excited about that one. Last I heard, it was installed and ready to go.


  • I will finish the insurance stuff.
  • Repot my plants. It's not everyone who can kill one of those ivy-like plants you find in restaurants. I forget what the plant is called, but mine are sad. My African Violets aren't too happy either. New pots!
  • Finish Ellen's year end bookkeeping.
  • Finish the church's year end & January reports.
  • Write e-mail to T. & V. about meeting with parents about CSI.
  • Look at M.'s PowerPoint on the school & comment.

On another note, and another blog, I'm starting the Angel Way of Eating on Monday (since I have a stove) and I want to spend some time thinking about what food I like and what I can easily prepare, while still getting all colors, including white.

Sadly, most of this stuff needs to be done this weekend if it is going to be done at all. And this weekend looks like:


9-1 work at main job

1-2 transport & lunch

2-5 work at church


10:30 church

11:45 grocery shop (I've been told you need to get there a little before noon to beat the Baptists)

12:45 possibly work at church OR home time

3:00 Cataclysm class (as Bob calls it.)

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