Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Normal schools, co-eds, and reverse racism

Isn't language an interesting thing?

Like how "co-educational" means men and women in a school, but the men are the students and the women are the "co-eds." This is even true at formerly all female colleges. What's with that?

In the old days, before integration, there were Normal schools and black schools. Although, I don't think they said black. Huh?

And racism means disliking someone because of their race. What is reverse racism? LIKING someone because of their race? Yet, it is used to describe a non-white person who dislikes white people. See, that's just racism. No reverse.

And how come groups that lobby for the interests of women or people of color (other than white) are SPECIAL interest groups?

All of these terms or words work on the assumption that White and Male is normal and other things are NOT.

And to conclude my musings: why can white men get away with saying that a woman or a black man couldn't represent their interests, when they have seen no problem with white men representing women and people of color (other than white) for centuries?

I'm just asking... :-)


Lydia said...

My head is spinning but you speak the truth. Did you know that white men are the one group that has never known racism or been made to feel bad because they are male?

Anonymous said...

fascinating stuff

Anonymous said...

For the most part I would agree with what has been said. But I do have to challenge the notion that white males have never known racism or made to feel bad because of being male. I grew up in Detroit, attended a school where whites were very much in the minority. More than a few fists came my way because I was white. Working in Detroit meant I had to take more guff and work harder simply because my black bosses felt it fair that I be treated as poorly as they had supposedly been treated. Movie Quote. "You're a white boy, ain't you guys supposed to work fast or something?" Even better. Check the dating grounds of high schools to find out what "sexy" is with the teenaged females. More and more of them find your black rappers to be more desirable. Hell, I know I lost out on a dating opportunity when the girl in question practically screamed out that she would never date a white boy.

Hobbit said...

And what about "reverse discrimination?" That's for those white folks who feel they have been slighted -- just because they are white. *bleah*

Kathy said...

To anonymous: I'm sorry you had to face hostility in Detroit. It's a terrible thing, no matter what the cause.

I am not saying there is no racism against whites. I'm saying the word "reverse racism" implies that racism by whites toward people of color is the norm and racism by people of color against whites or among people of different colors is the reverse of the norm. See? It's a way of looking at the world. Even in schools that are 85% black, the black children are called the "minority." Minority is a relative term, not an unchanging description.

And again, I'm not condemning or condoning. I'm commenting. And I thank you all for adding to the conversation. That's what it's all about.

Kathy said...

Also: if a girl limits her choice of friends or boyfriends because of color, it's her problem, and you are better off without that headache. In my never humble opinion. :)

Trista said...

Good words.