Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reasons 97 - 93 to blog for peace

#97:  There is so much going on in our lives, sometimes we forget to pray for peace.  Maybe this will help.

#96:  What is peace?  My peace, your peace?  A piece of your country, a piece of his?  What do we mean by this?  Why do people keep saying it's impossible.  Let's talk about it.

#95:  Talking about things is a step on the road to fixing things.  (This is NOT the same as #96.)

#94:  I choose butter.  (Remember?  "Guns or Butter.")

#93:  Peace is a learned not inherited.

I celebrated my 51st birthday on Saturday.  I celebrated with friends on Friday and spent Saturday reading and sleeping, which is my idea of a peaceful, perfect day.  It was made more perfect by the presence of two of my grandchildren, Gabe (almost 4) and Brendon (almost 3).  Brendon decided to cover me with French chocolate while I napped, which is a little frightening, but interesting.  Gabe and Brendon both had me and others read them books.  And Gabe talked a whole lot.

Gabe is a very intense and logical little man.  He wants to understand things and people.  He needs to see why things are as they are.  He is a very empathetic child.

I don't know why it would surprise me.  My three sons are all empathetic and caring and have been since they were very young.  Gabe reminds me a lot of his father.  The intensity and ease with which Gabe and Robert embrace empathy has to do with their souls, their personalities, their THEM. 

However, it was my husband and me, along with other friends and family members (my mother in particular), who nurtured and valued those traits.  For children who are not as naturally empathetic, empathy can be taught and nurtured as well.

Empathy, I believe, is the beginning of peace.  And no, it isn't necessarily natural. 

Yes, there have been wars and oppression always and everywhere, from battle grounds to board rooms to school yards.  And yes, it is hard to overcome human nature, which often needs groups of "us" and "them" in order to feel safe and secure.  Our separation from god, our excessive knowledge of the differences among us, and our sparse knowledge of the sameness; all this makes it hard to be at peace. 

And so, we must learn peace.  We must teach peace.  We must act in ways that are not "natural."  And no one said it would be easy. 


Mimi Lenox said...

Empathy, I believe, is the beginning of peace. And no, it isn't necessarily natural.

Logical and passionate post with real life examples thrown in. Chocolate while napping? Too funny.

I'm sharing this!

Princess said...

Empathy is a magic word. Only when one feels what the other feels can one understand and I believe that with understanding can come peace.
Thanks for your enlightening blog.
Aren't grandkids precious!!!