Wednesday, July 27, 2011

100 days 100 reasons Blogblast for Peace

There are 100 days until November 4, the day of the peace blog.  Mimi has challenged us to post one hundred reasons to blog for peace, one each day.

I am going to try... you can see how well I keep up with regular posting.  I will sometimes post it alone and sometimes in conjunction with a different blog entry.  We will see.  One hundred reasons... one hundred days.

Today, I blog for peace because of:

I blog for peace for my children, my grandchildren, my nieces, my friend's children, and for the children of acquaintances, strangers, and enemies.  May they know peace.  May they embrace peace.  May they understand its value.


Terica said...

I wish Peace for all our children too. Good luck on the 100days I am trying it too. Peace

Anonymous said...

great idea!