Friday, July 11, 2008

More goals... less goals... more or less

One or two of my horoscopes this week have told me to put my long term goals on hold. I was shocked! shocked! I say. No one puts long term goals on hold. Long term goals hold us. How can I continue to exist without long term goals?

Same as always, I guess, considering the state of my long term goals right now. As I mentioned, I'm not sure my long term goals are working for me right now. I am so overwhelmed with short term tasks that I am neglecting the long term.

Of course, the long term will come, with or without my help. But I think I deserve... no, I NEED a break. So these are my short term goals.
  • Write in my blogs at least three times next week.
  • Eat well at least three days next week.
  • Work as hard as I can four days next week.
  • Stand (or sit or swing or walk) outside at least ten minutes each and everyday next week, even if it rains.
  • Forgive myself as I would forgive others.
  • Expect as much from others as I do from myself and respect & trust their ability to perform as expected.
  • Read one light novel. (At least.)
  • Read Boards that Make a Difference by John Carver.
  • Read one novel my high school English teacher would have wanted me to read (I'm thinking Jane Eyre.)
  • Refrain from killing anyone.

I'll let y'all know how this works for me.

1 comment:

annie kelleher said...

good for you for taking it easy!! it's summer... time to kick back :)!