Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going Green and Blue

We told our children that we were setting the thermostat at 63º because we are concerned about the environment. They are good boys and they buy that. They are all about going green.

The truth is, Bob and I are also about green, by which we mean "money." Our electric bill was 1/3 of what it usually is. When I got it, I told Bob to call and find out what was wrong. Then I realized that was really really stupid, so I paid it and shut up.

When the temperature went below 85º and the humidity went below 90%, we turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. We liked the low bill. So now that it is getting chilly, we are setting the thermostat on 63º and passing out socks.

We have turned into our parents. And our grandparents.

We always called them cheap, when in fact, they were green.

My great aunt would run water into a pitcher while waiting for it to run hot. In her house, that meant a lot of water. She'd use the water in the pitcher to make lemonade or water her plants, whatever. My grandmother saved aluminum foil to reuse. She also rinsed plastic wrap and stuck in on the side of the fridge to reuse, which I still think is gross. My mom washed plastic disposable plates. Several times.

So now, in the name of green, we are recycling, reusing, reinventing the wheel. My youngest son yells at me if I run water while I brush my teeth. Everyone recycles. We are thinking of starting a compost pile. But most of all, we are walking around in cute little socks and sweaters and laughing at our electric bill.


Anonymous said...

Go Green! I haven't even turned on our heat yet this year. It's November 10th and it's 37 degrees this morning, but, like y'all, I put on a pair of socks, a sweater, and bundle up with an afghan if it gets cold while I'm watching t.v. or reading email or whatever. I'll turn it on eventually but for now, we're green and cheap. :o)


Judy Vars said...

Your blogs are fun and well written thanks for the good reads.
Judy V